Servo Press

  • Straight Side Servo Press (STP series)

    Straight Side Servo Press (STP series)

    Main performance characteristics: The fuselage has ultra-high rigidity (deformation) 1/15000, small deformation, long accuracy retention time, high precision of stamping products, small forming rebound, and can carry large eccentric loads. Use pneumatic wet clutch brake, environmental protection, no pollution, low noise, long service life. The slider adopts four-corner and eight-sided guide path, which can carry a large eccentric load: to ensure the long-term and stable maintenance of stampin...
  • C Frame Servo Press (STA series)

    C Frame Servo Press (STA series)

    Main performance characteristics one: Adopt high-strength body structure, small deformation and high precision The slider adopts two-corner six-sided guide path, and the slider guide adopts “high-frequency quenching” and “rail grinding process”: low wear, high precision, long precision retention time, and improved mold life. The crankshaft is made of high-strength alloy material 42CrMo, which is 1.3 times stronger than 45 steel and has a longer service life. The copper...